Second Chance Rental Program

Our Second Chance Rental Program is for people with previous evictions, judgments, bankruptcy, bad credit, backgrounds, and first-time renters. Every paid member is eligible to get into our SCR program.

Our goal is to make sure that every taxpayer is afforded housing. As a paid member you have access to our Tenant’s Rights and Responsibility Class and the Financial Literacy Program. These are mandatory classes to be considered a candidate for the SCR program.

Do you need income to get an apartment through the SCR program? Yes. The rental process is the same.

How long is the process? Once you fulfill the program requirements and have the income to be successful in a lease, it’s done.

What happens after I get a lease? You live and keep taking advantage of all of the programs and resources. As a member you have access.

Our goal is to help you stabilize your situation and direct you to a path of reaching your goals.

Eviction Prevention Program

The goal of the program is to remedy the rental arrears through mediation. AHR-trained mediation experts will explore solutions such as rental assistance, payment plans, and relocations.

Who can get into the Eviction Prevention Program?
Any member of the Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation is eligible to get into the EPP.

What is the down payment for the Payment Arrangement?
The down payment will be based on your current income and the arrangements accepted by the landlord.

What will happen if you can’t pay the payment arrangement amount, but can pay your rent?
Contact us in case of an emergency.

What will happen if you can’t pay your rent or the payment arrangement?
Contact us.

Can rental assistance count toward your payment arrangement?