Start your new journey with us. Everyone deserves a second chance. Our programs are designed to help you successfully get and stay housed. Becoming a member will be the first step. $25 is all it takes to start your new and healthy rental journey!

The Process is Simple

The process is simple, click any button that says Become a member. The application takes no more than 5 minutes and can be completed using your mobile device. The $25 membership fee will be processed at that time. Once this is done, you are officially a member!

You will receive a welcome email that will go over all of your next steps and allow you to speak with a counselor. It’s that Simple!


Our Eviction Prevention and Second Chance Rental programs are 9 years old. We help all over the United States. We successfully help our members get housed. We believe that every taxpayer deserves housing.

Are you qualified to become a member of the Apartment and Housing Rentals Foundation? Yes, you are! If you are working and paying market rent, you are our member. We serve the workforce housing community. A community that our economy is built on.

The term “workforce housing” focuses on housing built to serve families that have income levels between the true affordable housing options and luxury housing. They are middle-income to low-income households that seem to have gotten left behind in the housing market.

Volunteers Wanted


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