Every taxpayer deserves an affordable place to live.


Second Chance Rentals
Affordable Housing Program

Our Second Chance Rental Program is for people with previous evictions, judgments, bankruptcy, bad credit, convictions, and first-time renters.



eviction prevetion
Eviction Prevention Program

Our Eviction Prevention Program is 7 years old. We help you navigate the eviction progress. We even go as far as talking with your landlords.


Tenant's Rights
Tenant’s Rights

Empowerment is the only way to help. We pour knowledge into our members to make sure they have the tools to succeed and move forward.

Second Chance Rentals
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Great work! The entire process was seamless.

Jamal Drian, 09.21.2019

Thank you for helping me find another place!

Lina Brown, 12.14.2018
Pray Against Evictions https://www.pledge.to/rental-assistance-343

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Second Chance Rentals


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